BNSF Corridors of Commerce are critical to
our lives and livelihood.

From the Pacific Northwest to Chicago, Southern California to the Midwest and Canada to the Gulf Coast, these Corridors carry the raw materials that provide power to our homes, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the goods that help our economy grow.

As populations grow and demand for finished goods increases so does the need for efficient supply chains. That's why BNSF, along with our state and local government partners, is expanding and improving these vital Corridors.

These Corridors provide our communities with jobs, safety, environmental benefits, economic growth and much more. Let us show you how.

Explore the Corridors!

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Improves Lives
Shipping by rail results in less congested and safer roadways, all while making the air we breathe cleaner. MoreMore

Benefits the Economy
Rail is the most efficient form of surface transportation and key to economic growth.

Saves Money
Investment in rail is good for communities, businesses, and the national economy, at little cost to taxpayers.

Watch this space for news on corridor and TIGER grant developments.